Yaron Sumel

backend of things.

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Code,Beer && between

My name is Yaron,i’m doing software for living.

Blog Posts

  1. Hello World
  2. how to get the underlying array of slice

Open Source Projects

  1. digota - ecommerce microservice.
  2. piper - pipe things over TLS.
  3. grapes - easy way to distribute commands over ssh.
  4. pipe - small package for reading pipe data.
  5. filler - fill struct data easily with fill tags.
  6. ttls - zero effort temp TLS listener.
  7. beanWork - beanstalkd worker library.

full list at my public repos.

Coding Challenges

  1. geo-coding-test
  2. workbook-coding-challenge


You can reach me at ( yaronsu@gmail.com )